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Balloon Twisting

Transform any event into a colorful wonderland with professional balloon twisting entertainment. Book now!



Princess Acting

Hiring a princess to play games and sing songs at a kids' party in Hong kong creates a fun and memorable experience.

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 Clown show

Get ready for non-stop laughter and entertainment with our hilarious and interactive clown show


Heros Acting

A hero acting for a kid's birthday party can dress up as a superhero, lead fun games, activities and make the celebration memorable.

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      Magic show

Bring wonder and excitement to your event with our spectacular and awe-inspiring magic show


Giant Balloon Show

a colossal balloon clown show wows spectators with juggling, magic, and colorful humor."


         Clown on stilt

Elevate the fun with our energetic and playful clown on stilts. Perfect for festivals and parades


Bubble show

Add a touch of magic to your kids' party in HK with a bubble show, where kids can interact and have fun with mesmerizing bubbles


Face Painting

Face painting is a surefire way to please a crowd of kids. Hire a professional face painter in Hong Kong now!!


Waterproof face paint

Waterproof face paint at a kids' party in HK adds exciting, mess-free fun, with designs that last even during water activities.

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   Neon face paint

Neon face paint for parties or events in HK adds a vibrant, eye-catching element to any occasion, with UV-reactive designs.

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Airbrush tattoos at kids' parties or events in HK offer fun and safe temporary body art with designs kids love.

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Glitter tattoo

Glitter tattoo

Our Glitter tattoos are waterproof, dermatologist tested and last up to 3-4 days


Nail Art

Nail art offers a fun and trendy way to express creativity, with a variety of designs and safe products for girls.

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Festival Glitter 

A glitter and gem makeover in HK adds sparkle to any party or event, with fun and glamorous designs for all ages.

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  Glitter and coloring hairdo

Glitter and coloring hairdos add a fun and unique touch to any party or event, with safe and washable products.

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Hair Wrap

Hair wraps are a very good option for girly party. girls love it !!


  Glitter henna

Glitter henna in HK offers temporary body art with a touch of sparkle, perfect for adding glamour to any occasion.

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Henna tattoo

Quite often when the kids see an adult having a henna tattoo applied you can pretty much guarantee that they will want one of their own.

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metallic tatoo

Shine and dazzle at parties with our stunning metallic tattoos! Stand out and make a statement. Get yours now!

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Chinese Knotting

Chinese knotting is a traditional decorative handicraft that involves tying intricate knots with colorful cords or threads.

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy

The ancient art of Chinese painting coupled with Calligraphy skills gives you an amazing memento for your guests to take home.

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Amazing Chinese Silhouette paper cutting​. Artist uses scissors to entertain your guests.

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        Dance and jump

Our team of professional artists will create amazing caricatures of your guests!

A dance and jump party for kids in HK includes music, dancing, and bouncing fun for an energetic and active celebration.

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Science show

A science show is interactive and educational entertainment, engaging young minds with exciting experiments

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     Santa Claus

Santa Claus brings joy, gifts, and holiday cheer. Make this season magical with Santa's sleigh of surprises! Ho ho ho, book your visit today!

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        Christmas Elf

Experience the enchantment of Christmas with our delightful Christmas elves! They'll sprinkle holiday magic and spread cheer. Book your elf adventure now!

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     Live Band

Experience the magic of live music! From soulful melodies to heart-pumping beats, our talented musicians will make your event unforgettable. Book us now!

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  Flour Doll

Chinese Flour Doll, also known as Mian Ren, is a traditional craft that uses flour dough to make figurines.

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Young kids' party playgroups offer supervised fun with age-appropriate activities like games and music for socialization and entertainment."

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Cappella Singing

Harmonize your event with the captivating beauty of a cappella singing! Mesmerizing voices, intricate arrangements, and pure vocal talent. Book our group today!

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