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Your guest will be amazed as they watch us make creative pieces of balloon art in just moment.



Balloon twisting



Magic show


Magic show is the perfect blend of clean, family-friendly


Stilt Walkers bring delightful walk-about (and ‘tower over’!) fun to children’s party events. 


Clown on stilts




Our team of professional artists will create amazing caricatures of your guests!


Nail art

One of the activities that you can not miss out on a make over party.

 Arts and craft

Kids crafts activities are fun for parents and children to make and create together. 



Slime Making

The texture is so fun to play with. Kids will love stretching and squishing this fluffy slime.

Face painting



Face painting is a surefire way to please a crowd of kids. Hire a professional face painter in Hong Kong now!!

Glitter tattoo

Our Gliiter tattoos are waterproof, dermatologist tested and last up to 7 days.



Airbrush Tattoo

Glitter tattoo is a fun activity for kids and adults, create personalized tattoos for special events.

Sand art

Sand art for kids. The guests can take their artwork home. 

Hair wraps



Hair wraps are a very good option for girly party or princess party. girls love it !!


Henna tattoo

Quite often when the kids see an adult having a henna tattoo applied you can pretty much guarantee that they will want one of their own.


Easter Egg 

Easter Egg Fun is a holiday activity for kids to decorate and hide an Easter Egg! Kidscan choose an egg, paint it, put stickers on it

cutting silhouette portrait.jpg

Chinese Silhouette


Amazing Chinese Silhouette paper cutting​. Artist uses scissors to entertain your guests.


Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy


The ancient art of Chinese painting coupled with Calligraphy skills gives you an amazing memento for your guests to take home.

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